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Any time a person climbs up on a ladder — whether it is at home or at the workplace — they are putting themselves at risk. When proper safety precautions are not taken, ladders can be extremely dangerous. If you or your family member was injured in a ladder fall in Texas, you should take immediate action. At DJC Law, our Austin ladder fall lawyers handle the full range of ladder accident claims, including personal injury cases and workers’ compensation cases. We can help you or your loved one get access to the maximum available financial compensation.


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Austin Lawyers Representing Victims Who Have Sustained Serious Ladder Fall Injuries

There are many risk factors that can make a ladder accident far more likely to occur. For example, if an individual is working on a ladder in poor weather conditions, including in rain or high winds, the possibility of a fall rises dramatically. Though, even in ideal conditions, ladder fall accidents remain a serious risk. Ladders must be properly inspected and always be used in a safe manner. A broken or older ladder could simply be too dangerous for any use. Similarly, if employees or individuals do not know how to correctly set up a ladder in certain situations, it could lead to a very serious fall accident.

In workplace ladder fall cases, the injured victim may be entitled to recover medical and wage-loss benefits through the Texas workers’ compensation insurance program. Though, in Austin, some companies are non-subscribers to the workers’ comp program. This means that an employee’s accident would fall outside the purview of the workers’ compensation system, and that the victim would be entitled to file a personal injury claim directly against their employer.

In addition, some workplace ladder fall cases involve third-party negligence. If you were injured on a ladder as result of the reckless or careless conduct of another company, entity, or individual that is unrelated to your employer, you may be entitled to financial compensation through a third-party liability claim. These cases are often brought against subcontractors, other companies, ladder manufacturers, and property owners.

For ladder falls that occur outside of the workplace — such as home ladder falls — the injured victim has the right to hold any negligent defendant legally responsible for the resulting injuries. This type of claim may be filed against a property owner, a ladder or equipment manufacturer, or another party who created an unacceptable level of risk through their unsafe conduct. If you were injured in a non-workplace ladder fall, it is crucial that you seek immediate guidance from a qualified Austin attorney.

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