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A physical assault is a serious matter. Victims of an assault/battery often sustain traumatic, even life-altering injuries. During this challenging time, it is crucial that injured victims get access to the maximum available financial support so they can pay for their medical care, provide for their family, and hold the perpetrator(s) and other negligent parties accountable.

At DC Law, our Austin physical assault lawyers are committed advocates for victims of criminal violence. We help our clients explore every available avenue for justice. If you or your loved one was injured in a physical attack, our legal team is prepared to help you get justice and compensation. 


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Austin Attorneys Fighting for the Rights of Physical Assault Victims

The actual perpetrator of a physical assault can be held liable for any injuries that occurred as a result of their criminal attack. Indeed, any person who participated in a criminal assault may bear full or partial financial liability for the victim’s injuries. This compensation is generally recovered through a civil claim. It should be noted that a civil claim is a legal proceeding distinct from any criminal charges — though evidence obtained in a criminal case will generally be relevant to a civil injury case.

In certain cases, defendants beyond the person or persons who committed the crime  may also be held legally responsible for a victim’s injuries with the help of an assault attorney. In a key 1998 case, the Supreme Court of Texas set the standard by which businesses and property owners can be held financially responsible for a third party’s criminal action. The state’s highest court noted that “one who controls premises” has a duty to use ordinary care to protect customers and other permitted guests from criminal attacks.

In practice, businesses, property owners, and other entities can be held legally liable for physical assaults that occur on their premises only if a plaintiff can provide evidence that indicates that the defendant’s negligence contributed to the attack. For example, if a physical assault occurred at a private night club as a result of the company’s failure to provide reasonable security, that night club may be legally responsible for any injuries sustained by patrons.

If you were assaulted in a criminal attack in Austin, you deserve full and fair financial compensation for your damages. An experienced lawyer can help you explore all potential paths to obtain justice and fair financial compensation after a physical assault. Depending on the specific nature of the claim, money damages may be available for emergency room care, other medical bills, physical rehabilitation, lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent disability, and disfigurement stemming from the attack.

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At DC Law, our Austin physical assault lawyers are strong, aggressive advocates for injured victims. If you were injured in an attack, our legal team is prepared to help you pursue full and fair financial compensation for your losses. For a free, no obligation initial consultation, please do not hesitate to contact our office today.