Handling Austin, Texas Distracted Driving Cases – Series Recap

By May 8, 2016Car Accidents

woman driver use her cell phone in carThis post concludes our series on the handling of Austin area car accident cases which stem from distracted driving. We decided to write on this topic due to the unfortunate fact that such accidents are on the rise throughout Texas and the United States. The proliferation of smart phones has resulted in people paying attention to things other than the road while driving. We cannot stress enough that you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately if you have been injured in such an accident.

We covered a number of topics over our last several posts. Issues which we addressed included:

These are important topics for several reasons. First, it can be difficult to prove that another driver was operating their vehicle while using a smart phone. They are unlikely to admit it to police. Second, trucking accidents can become much more complicated as they often involve multiple parties; it is possible that the truck’s owners and other third parties may be named as defendants. Finally, it is necessary to hire an attorney who can see your case through to completion.

It is crucial that you contact counsel immediately after an accident rather than trying to handle the matter yourself. After an incident you will likely be contacted by the offending driver’s insurance company. Quite often the insurer will make a “low ball” settlement offer which does not include amounts for future medical care, future lost wages, and other expenses which should be considered. By retaining an attorney, you take steps to protect your interests.

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