Worst Excuses Bad Drivers Give to Cops

No one is happy to be pulled over by a cop. Nevertheless, there are just some things you should never do—such as give a lame excuse for your actions. Read on for more information about what never to say after being pulled over.

“Do You Know Who I Am?”

So many people have gotten into trouble for saying this, including celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, who once asked an Atlanta cop if he knew her name after her husband was pulled over for impaired driving. The fact is that the law applies to everyone, poor and rich alike. If you’re famous and the cops recognize you—great! Maybe they’ll ask for a signature after giving you a traffic ticket. Just don’t think your celebrity will get you off scot free.

“I’m in a Hurry to Buy Gas!”

Actually, the faster you drive, the more fuel you will burn. If anything, you should be driving too slowly and hoping to roll into a gas station. Remember, you do not need to admit that you were speeding, but you should never give such dishonest answers as this one.

“I Have to Go to the Bathroom!”

Admittedly, we have all been there. When you really need to go, it can feel like a life or death situation. Nevertheless, the proper response is to pull over to the nearest rest stop and go then, not race around going over the speed limit.

“I Couldn’t See the Sign”

This actually could be a good reason, if a traffic sign was indeed missing or if it was obscured by low-hanging foliage. However, this is rarely the case. Instead, people claim they couldn’t see a sign that is plainly visible to most people.

Of course, you might have trouble with your vision—which is just another reason not to be out driving! Instead of using this excuse, sit quietly. You don’t have to admit to breaking the law, though you will still get a ticket if you remain silent just the same.

“I Wasn’t Holding a Phone”

We get it—everybody talks on the phone at some point behind the wheel. That doesn’t make it any less illegal. Austin has prohibited texting and driving, and if you get caught, you might be tempted to claim you weren’t holding a phone.

The problem is that the cop clearly saw you holding something to your face, and do you have any phone-shaped object with you? No—so don’t try to claim you were holding a cup of coffee to your ear or, as one driver claimed, a donut!

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