When people are inattentive to the safety of others, they might create situations that cause accidents. A reckless individual usually did not mean for anyone else to get hurt, but intent does not matter much in court.

If another person’s negligence caused an accident that harmed you, a College Station personal injury lawyer could be the ally you need. A skilled legal representative could help you seek financial compensation, which might aid your recovery process.

When Does an Accident Warrant a Personal Injury Claim?

There are many different negligent actions that could cause an accident and warrant the filing of a personal injury claim. From a legal standpoint, negligence is a disregard for others’ safety that results in injury to someone else.

Accidents caused by negligence are commonplace and varied. For example, when a physician causes unexpected injury by forgetting to fully inform a patient about the risks of a procedure, this medical professional would be considered negligent. Meanwhile, if truck driver disregards work rules, drives too many hours in a day, and crashes into another vehicle, they would also be considered reckless or careless. Finally, if a pet owner allows their dog off the leash and this pet knocks over someone who breaks their arm in the fall, the dog’s owner would need to assume liability for the resulting injuries.

In order to collect financial compensation after an unexpected accident, an injured plaintiff needs to concretely prove that the defendant’s negligence definitely caused their suffering. Fortunately, a dedicated attorney in College Station could investigate the cause of an accident, identify who should face responsibility, and help a plaintiff recover from their injuries.

Why is Working with a Personal Injury Representative Important?

Some people are hesitant to contact an attorney about pursuing compensation after an accident. These individuals might believe that the process will be less stressful if they work with the defendant’s insurance company. Plaintiffs also commonly believe that they will receive more money if they do not have to share their winnings with a lawyer.

However, working with a legal professional pays off in several ways. First, someone familiar with injury lawsuits understands how much a particular claim should be worth. People often underestimate the total cost of their injuries and do not consider the long-term consequences of an accident when negotiating a settlement. A knowledgeable representative could avoid settling a claim for an inadequate sum.

Meanwhile, insurance companies and defense lawyers might take advantage of injured people by trying to shift responsibility for an accident onto them. Corporations do this because Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §33 makes each person involved in an accident responsible for the consequences of their actions. If an insurance company could convince an injured person that their behavior contributed to the accident in question, the insurer would owe the wounded person less money. A savvy lawyer in College Station could anticipate this tactic and present evidence to demonstrate that their client did not cause their own injuries.

How to Handle an Injury Suit When the State is a Defendant

In a town that hosts an institution as large as Texas A&M, accidents will likely happen on campus property or with university-owned vehicles. Additionally, an accident could involve public employees who work for the school. It is crucial for victims to understand that they have little time to act if the university or one if its employees caused severe injuries.

The Texas Tort Claims Act requires anyone with a potential claim against the state to file a notice of this lawsuit within six months of the accident. If the injured person does not notify the relevant office within this time frame, they might lose their opportunity to pursue financial compensation. A knowledgeable attorney in College Station could help a confused plaintiff determine which state office to notify when filing their injury claim.

Take Your Case to a College Station Personal Injury Attorney

If you were injured in an unfortunate accident, it is crucial that you resist the temptation to handle legal matters by yourself. Retaining a College Station personal injury lawyer is a smart move that will likely bolster the impact of your claim. A well-practiced attorney could investigate what caused the accident, determine if multiple parties need to assume liability, and fight back against the manipulative tactics of insurance corporations. Call the office today to schedule an initial appointment.