Ideally, people should be able to assume that purchased goods will always be safe to use. However, sometimes products malfunction and cause serious harm to a user. If a manufacturer fails to uphold their duty to produce a safe item, a consumer might be entitled to reimbursement.

If a flawed or dangerous injured you, a Georgetown defective products lawyer could provide valuable assistance. You deserve to have a knowledgeable personal injury attorney inform you of your rights.

Product Liability Claims Under Texas Law

Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code Chapter 82 dictates the rules a person must follow when filing a product liability claim. Legal frameworks allow a person harmed by a consumer good to file a claim against a manufacturer, to hold them accountable for their negligent creation of an unsafe product.

Different forms of defective product claims exist, and their applicability depends on how a manufacturer failed to uphold its duty of care. Understanding all the available options is a crucial part of the product liability claims process and a well-practiced attorney in Georgetown could provide more information.

What Types of Defective Product Claims do People in Georgetown Pursue?

Each type of defective product lawsuit has its own specific requirements and features. Common kinds of lawsuits include manufacturing flaw claims, product design defect suits, and failure to warn allegations.

Manufacturing Flaw Claims

Many product liability lawsuits call out flaws in an item’s manufacturing process. When a corporation fails to safely construct a product, its merchandise might become hazardous. Examples of common manufacturing defects include:

  • Low-quality components
  • Dangerous manufacturing conditions
  • Unsafe machinery
  • Unsanitary conditions (especially with food products)
  • Employee error

These errors are not mutually exclusive and could combine to create an extremely dangerous consumer good. Legal representation has experience handling defective product lawsuits and could help a consumer demonstrate that manufacturing mistakes caused their severe injury.

Defects in the Product’s Design

Some products are dangerous due to inherent design flaws. When a company designs a product lazily, even a safe manufacturing process might yield a dangerous good. If this happens, a judge will consider the creator of the product negligent.

These claims generally require proof through expert testimony. An organized defective product attorney in Georgetown could consult a qualified specialist and convince a jury that a designer is responsible for the malfunction.

Failure to Warn Claims

Even meticulously designed and manufactured products might still carry certain risks. If a corporation warns the general public of these hazards, they are allowed to sell their item. Medications, for instance, commonly have side effects, but giving advanced warning usually makes the product permissible for sale. If a consumer understands the risks of the product they are considering purchasing, they can deliberate and reach a calculated decision.

Unfortunately, some corporations choose not to warn consumers of dangers, often to increase sales. When a company does this, it might find itself liable for any injuries caused by a defective product. A successful failure to warn claim could result in an extremely valuable settlement for an injured plaintiff. A detail-oriented lawyer in Georgetown could help a wounded claimant determine whether a failure to warn lawsuit is right for their defective product claim.

Enlist the Help of a Georgetown Defective Products Attorney

Filing a successful claim against a manufacturer is not always easy since defective merchandise lawsuits require compelling evidence and a thoroughly prepared case. Furthermore, many corporations hire expensive legal defenses that might pressure a claimant to settle for a reduced payout.

However, you could fight back against manipulative tactics with skilled representation at your side. A Georgetown defective products lawyer could advocate for your best interests and help maximize your reimbursement. Contact our offices today to get started.