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Spending a day on Lake Travis, the Colorado River, or any of the other waterways around Austin can be a wonderful recreational experience, but boaters must remain aware of the inherent risks and dangers. Like motor vehicle drivers, boat operators have a standard of care they are expected to meet, and failure to do so could have devastating consequences for themselves, their passengers, and others in and around the water.

If a recent boat collision resulted in serious injury, you should connect with a local personal injury attorney for legal assistance. With the professional help and guidance of an experienced Austin boat accident lawyer, you can improve your chances of obtaining comprehensive recovery for all your injuries and losses.

Reporting Requirements for Boat Collisions in Austin

State law imposes certain requirements on individuals involved in boating accidents, which can involve collisions between multiple vessels or a single vessel capsizing or sinking. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Code §31.104, any boat operator involved in an accident out on the water must stop their vessel as soon as possible and render aid to anyone who need it, as long as doing so would not put themselves, their passengers, or their vessel at risk of further harm.

This statute also mandates boat operators involved in incidents resulting in injury and/or property damage to provide their name, home address, and vessel ID number to the injured party and/or impacted property owner. Failure to fulfill these requirements after a water vessel crash may be classified as either a Class A misdemeanor or a felony offense under the Parks and Wildlife Code, depending on whether the incident resulted in serious bodily harm or a fatality.

Finally, TX P&W Code §31.105 states that anyone involved in a boat collision resulting in $2,000 or more in property damage and/or medical bills must file a report with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department or with local police within 30 days. If a watercraft accident results in a missing person or fatality, the deadline for this report is shortened to 48 hours. A local boating accident injury attorney could help an individual meet these reporting requirements while preparing their case for civil litigation.

Recovering for Damages Caused by a Boat Crash

Because of the inherent risk of drowning associated with boating, water vessel accidents put operators and passengers at an extremely high risk of fatal harm. Otherwise, common injuries in watercraft crashes include:

If an injured party can prove that someone else directly caused their accident by violating boating laws or acting recklessly or carelessly, that irresponsible individual may be found civilly liable to anyone harmed as a proximate result of their actions. Regardless of the exact injuries a boat accident victim in Austin suffers, a qualified lawyer could help them seek financial restitution for:

Seek Help from an Austin Boat Accident Attorney

If you were recently harmed in a water vessel crash due to someone else’s negligent conduct out on the water, filing suit against them may be essential to preserving both your physical health and future financial security.

Speaking with an Austin boat accident lawyer should be your top priority after seeking appropriate medical care for your injuries. Call today to discuss what kind of recovery might be possible in your situation.

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