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Every time we buckle up and hit the road, we enter a dynamic environment where safety and uncertainty coexist. Car accidents are sudden and often harrowing events that can disrupt lives instantly, leaving victims with physical injuries, emotional distress, and daunting legal challenges.

After a car accident, knowing your legal rights and the right steps to take can make a world of difference in your ability to recover physically, emotionally, and financially.

At DJC Law, we're not just legal professionals—we're your partners in seeking justice and recovery. We place your well-being at the forefront of everything we do, and our dedicated team can guide you through every step of the legal process with compassion, transparency, and a proven record of success.

Why Choose DJC Law

Experience Lawyer for Car Accident near San Antonio

Choosing the right legal representation can make all the difference in your journey to recovery. With over 25 years of unwavering commitment to justice at DJC Law, we strive to serve as a beacon of hope for injured car accident victims and their families in San Antonio and throughout Texas.

Our dedicated team of car accident lawyers boasts a remarkable combined experience of 80 years, positioning us as trusted advocates in navigating the complex legal aftermath of motor vehicle collisions.

With a track record of securing more than $50 million in injury compensation for victims across the state, we have demonstrated time and again our steadfast dedication to achieving maximum recovery for our clients.

At DJC Law, our values extend beyond just legal prowess. We recognize the emotional and physical toll car accidents can bring and prioritize clear communication and rapid responsiveness.

We understand that every moment counts, so we commit to responding to all emails and phone calls within 24 hours, ensuring that you're always informed about the progress of your case. We prioritize your well-being and rights. At DJC Law, we're not just legal advocates. We're compassionate allies on your journey toward healing and justice.

Our recent personal injury successes include:

  • $2 million for a grieving family who lost their loved one due to the negligence of a commercial truck driver and company. The family received $1,444,071.21 after attorney fees, medical liens, and expenses.
  • $1.3 million for a young motorist involved in a head-on collision who sustained neck and head injuries
  • $934,000 for a rideshare driver going to pick up a new client when another motorist ran a red light and collided with them. They received $276,460.60 after attorney fees, medical liens, and expenses.
  • $760,000 for a woman rear-ended by a delivery van, suffering severe injuries to her neck and back. Our qualified personal injury attorneys settled for almost the entire remaining policy limits available. We also negotiated the medical liens down so that she received $391,461.82 after attorney fees, medical liens, and case expenses.
  • $685,000 for a client involved in a trucking collision who suffered neck, back, and head injuries. His net recovery was $164,451.47 after attorney fees, medical liens, and expenses.
  • $525,000 for the family of a man killed by a drunk driver. The family received $401,767.14 after attorney fees, medical liens, and costs.

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Car Accident Compensation

We determine fair compensation for car accident victims through a complex process that considers many factors related to the accident, the resulting injuries, and the financial and non-financial losses experienced by the victim.

The following are key factors that contribute to the determination of compensation:

  • Liability and negligence: Establishing who was at fault for the accident is crucial. If one party's negligence caused the accident, they are typically responsible for compensating the other party. Evidence such as police reports, eyewitness testimonies, video footage, and accident reconstructions help determine liability.
  • Medical expenses: The cost of medical treatment, including emergency care, hospitalization, surgeries, medications, rehabilitation, and ongoing care, is a significant factor. Victims can claim compensation for current and future medical expenses related to their injuries.
  • Lost income: If the victim cannot work due to their injuries, they can seek compensation for lost income and potential future income loss. This includes missed earnings, such as time off to recover or attend medical appointments, and any diminished earning capacity caused by the injuries.
  • Pain and suffering: Victims can often pursue compensation for physical pain, emotional distress, and the overall impact of the car accident on the victim's quality of life. Calculating pain and suffering is subjective and often involves a multiplier based on the severity of the injuries.
  • Property damage: Compensation for repairs or replacement of the damaged vehicle and other property, such as personal items inside the vehicle, can also increase compensation after a car accident.
  • Permanent disfigurement or disability: If the victim sustains permanent disfigurement or disability due to the accident, they may be eligible for compensation to account for the lasting impact on their life. For example, car accident victims who suffer spinal cord injuries (SCI), severe burns, amputations, or traumatic brain injuries (TBI) may be eligible for this type of compensation.
  • Legal and court costs: You can include the expenses of pursuing a legal claim, such as attorney fees and court costs, in the compensation you seek.
  • Insurance policy limits: The insurance policies of the involved parties may limit compensation. Depending on the coverage limits, the available compensation amount may vary.

Each car accident case is different, and compensation calculations can vary based on the specific details of the accident and the jurisdiction's laws. Consulting with a qualified San Antonio car attorney is crucial to understanding the potential compensation you may be entitled to and navigating the legal process effectively.

Where Do Car Accidents Occur in San Antonio?

Unfortunately, car accidents can happen anywhere in and around San Antonio.

Some of the most common accident sights include:

  • Highway 151 and Loop 410
  • Loop 410 and San Pedro Avenue
  • Bandera Road and Loop 1604
  • Loop 1604 and Highway 281
  • Rigsby Avenue and Loop 410
  • Loop 410 and Old Seguin Road
  • IH 10 and Loop 1604
  • IH 35 and Walzem Road
  • Alamo Ranch Parkway and Westwood Loop
  • State Highway 151 and West Military Drive

Car Accident in San Antonio

Types of Car Accidents

Car accidents can occur in a variety of ways:

  • Rear-end collisions: Often caused by tailgating, distracted driving (e.g., texting), sudden braking, or adverse weather conditions that reduce visibility and traction.
  • Head-on collisions: Typically occur due to wrong-way driving, overtaking on a two-lane road, driver distraction, impaired driving (e.g., alcohol or drugs), drowsiness, or road conditions (e.g., icy roads).
  • Side-impact (T-bone) collisions: Commonly caused by running red lights or stop signs, failing to yield the right of way, distracted driving, and misjudgments at intersections.
  • Side-swipe collisions: Often occur when changing lanes without checking blind spots or drifting into adjacent lanes due to driver distraction or road conditions.
  • Single-vehicle accidents: Result from driver distraction, drowsiness, loss of control due to speeding, weather conditions, road defects, or wildlife.
  • Multi-vehicle pileups: Can result from adverse weather conditions (e.g., fog, ice, rain), going too fast for conditions, poor visibility, sudden braking in heavy traffic, and chain reactions caused by the initial collision.
  • Rollover accidents: Often linked to high-speed turns, overcorrection, abrupt maneuvers, top-heavy vehicles, and swerving to avoid obstacles.
  • Parking lot accidents: Typically caused by driver inattention, backing out without checking for oncoming vehicles or pedestrians, speeding, and unclear signage.

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Some car accident victims walk away unscathed by what has happened, while others will never walk again. Car accidents impact victims physically in many different ways depending on the type of accident and other factors such as speed and the size of the vehicles involved.

Common car accident injuries include:

  • Whiplash: Neck injury due to sudden, forceful back-and-forth movement.
  • Broken bones: Fractures in limbs, ribs, pelvis, or other bones.
  • Concussion: Mild traumatic brain injury causing confusion, headache, and memory problems.
  • Head injuries: Trauma to the head, varying from mild to severe.
  • Back injuries: Spinal cord damage, herniated discs, or strains.
  • Internal injuries: Damage to organs or internal bleeding.
  • Cuts and lacerations: Open wounds from broken glass or sharp objects.
  • Soft tissue injuries: Damage to muscles, ligaments, or tendons.
  • Burns: Result from contact with hot surfaces or fire.
  • Facial injuries: Cuts, fractures, or dental damage.
  • Psychological injuries: Emotional trauma, anxiety, or PTSD.
  • Amputations: Loss of limbs due to severe accidents.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Resulting in paralysis or limited mobility.
  • Joint dislocations: Displaced joints, like shoulders or hips.

Fighting the Insurance Company

After a car accident, facing off against an insurance company might seem straightforward, but the reality can be daunting. Insurance companies, while obligated to provide compensation, often prioritize their interests. This is where you need an experienced San Antonio car accident attorney.

An attorney's experience in personal injury law and negotiation strategies can level the playing field. They understand the complexities of insurance policies, the intricacies of state laws, and the tactics insurers use to minimize payouts. This knowledge enables them to build a robust case on your behalf.

Insurance companies might pressure you to accept an inadequate offer for a fraction of your needs. A skilled attorney will ensure you know the actual value of your claim, factoring in medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. They'll negotiate tirelessly to secure a fair settlement that covers your losses.

In cases where the insurance company denies your claim or refuses to offer a reasonable settlement, our attorneys are ready to take your case to court. Our litigation experience and advocacy uphold your rights before a judge and jury.

Overall, enlisting an attorney from our team ensures someone will prioritize your interests, protect your rights, and serve as a dedicated advocate well-versed in navigating insurance company tactics. After a car accident, the right legal professional in your corner can recover the compensation you rightfully deserve.

What to Do After a San Antonio Car Accident?

If you sought medical attention, you already took steps to protect your claim. However, you can still take several additional crucial steps to strengthen your case. Ensuring the success of your case involves more than just medical visits. Here are additional actions you should take:

Adhere to Treatment Plans

Continue following any medical treatment plans your healthcare provider prescribes. Consistency in treatment shows your commitment to recovering and clearly documents your injuries and progress.

Keep Receipts and Records

Maintain all records of your accident and recovery, including medical bills, prescriptions, and other relevant expenses. These documents prove your financial losses and the extent of your damages.

Maintain a Journal

Keeping a detailed journal about your recovery journey can be immensely helpful. Document your physical and emotional experiences, pain levels, any disruptions to your daily life, and any progress you make. This firsthand account can demonstrate the true impact of the accident on your everyday life and well-being.

Get a Copy of the Police Report

If the police came to the accident scene, obtain a copy of the accident report. This report often includes essential details about the accident and can serve as valuable evidence when building your case.

We cannot overstate the importance of having the right legal representation. Bringing your accident-related information and records to an experienced San Antonio car accident lawyer at our law firm can significantly strengthen your case. Our seasoned lawyers understand how to effectively leverage this information to advocate for your rights.

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