Austin Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction sites can be a dangerous place. You may be performing your job and, unexpectedly, an accident occurs. Job site accidents can result in serious injury and even death. Many people believe that they are limited to remedies offered by the Workers' Compensation system when they are harmed on a job site.

Texas, however, allows some employers to “opt out” of the workers' comp system. Construction workers who are employed by such a company may file a lawsuit directly against their employer when they have been injured on the job. If you have been injured on a job site, connect with our Austin construction accident lawyers today.

Construction Site Injury Cases Involving “Non-Subscriber” Employers

Texas is the only state in the country which allows an employer to elect not to participate in the workers' compensation system. Such employers must carry some form of private insurance. When the employee of such an employer is injured on the job, they may sue the company directly. Such cases are often referred to as a “non-subscriber workplace injury” claim. If it can be shown that a dangerous condition existed on the job and that such a condition is what resulted in the injury, the worker may have a case against their employer. Damages for such claims may include lost wages, medical bills incurred, as well as future losses. The handling of such matters can be highly complicated, and it is strongly suggested that you retain an attorney experienced in handling such matters. Our Austin construction accident lawyers assist local employees with non-subscriber claims. We will use your initial consultation to determine how you were injured and whether your employer could have taken steps to prevent the incident. We will quickly contact your employer and demand that any and all evidence be preserved. We will send an investigator to the scene if necessary. We will also retain any necessary experts to establish that the employer’s safety measures were unreasonable. We understand the important nature of one’s job; if you have been harmed by the negligence of your company, you deserve to be compensated.

Austin Construction Accident Attorneys Handling Non-Subscriber Claims

There are many situations in which a third-party may be responsible for a workplace accident. If, for example, an employee is injured due to defective equipment, the manufacturer of that equipment may potentially be liable. Claims against such a party would fall outside of the worker’s compensation system. Our attorneys assist Austin construction workers with handling such matters. We are ready to assist you, so call today.