San Antonio Uber/Lyft Car Accident Lawyer

Anyone who suffers an injury because of another person’s negligence has the right to pursue compensation for their related losses. This rule applies equally to situations where a driver working for a rideshare company causes a crash. As drivers on public roads, rideshare operators must be sure to follow all local traffic rules and take care to protect others. If a rideshare driver is at fault for a collision, injured parties have the right to seek compensation for their losses. However, navigating the complex issue of liability in rideshare cases can be challenging without the help of an experienced car wreck attorney.

A San Antonio Uber/Lyft car accident lawyer could take the lead in your case to fight for the compensation you deserve. This includes proving fault for the collision, showing how that event has impacted your life, and holding all liable parties responsible for the negligence of a rideshare driver.


Rideshare vehicles like Uber and Lyft have become a common sight on San Antonio’s roads. However, a negligent rideshare operator can still cause immense damage in the event of a crash. Fortunately, injured motorists and passengers in other cars can pursue a case for payment. In addition, bicyclists or pedestrians on sidewalks or crosswalks can also demand compensation. Finally, the riders within an Uber or Lyft vehicle can demand payment after their driver causes a crash.

Regardless of where someone was or what they were doing at the time of an accident, state law establishes a deadline for taking any legal action against negligent parties. According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003, this time limit is just two years from the date of a collision causing injuries. A San Antonio Uber and Lyft car accident attorney is prepared to help anyone who suffered an injury because of a rideshare driver’s negligence build an effective compensation claim within filing deadlines.


Most car accident cases are straightforward in identifying the parties who share liability for a crash. The driver of a vehicle is always personally liable for their negligence on the road. If those drivers have insurance as required under state law, that insurance policy is another source of potential compensation.

However, determining liability becomes more complicated in accidents involving a rideshare vehicle. In these cases, negligent Uber or Lyft drivers will still be personally responsible for compensating the injured parties’ losses. Unfortunately, companies like Uber and Lyft have gone to great lengths to shield themselves against shared liability for accidents involving their drivers. By classifying rideshare operators as independent contractors, these companies separate themselves from the actions of their drivers. This means that a claim for compensation after a rideshare accident cannot name Uber or Lyft as a co-defendant.

Similarly, some car insurance companies may not provide coverage for drivers who are engaging in economic activity. Unless a defendant driver’s policy specifically lists ridesharing as a covered activity, a demand against a negligent driver’s insurance company may also fall short. A knowledgeable San Antonio attorney understands the nuances of insurance coverage in rideshare cases and could help someone injured in a collision pursue compensation from the most ideal party.


Rideshare drivers get into accidents as often as all other drivers. These drivers also have the same obligation to act reasonably and protect others on the road as every other motorist. Any person who suffers an injury because of the actions of a rideshare driver could seek compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and emotional trauma.

A San Antonio Uber/Lyft car accident lawyer understands that pursuing fair compensation in these cases is an especially challenging process. Our team could work on your behalf to identify all potential defendants and demand fair compensation through insurance payouts and civil lawsuits. Reach out now to learn more.