Commercial trucks are a vital part of America’s industrial infrastructure, but they also pose serious risks to other drivers and their passengers if operated irresponsibly. Even at relatively low speeds, collisions between tractor-trailers and smaller commuter cars can seriously injure anyone involved.

While negligence by a long-haul trucker, their employer, or any third party supporting a trucking business could serve as grounds for a civil claim, achieving a positive result from a case like this could be exceptionally difficult without a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. Working with a seasoned Temple truck accident lawyer could increase your chances of securing the compensation you need without getting sidetracked by legal restrictions and pitfalls.

Who Might be Liable for a Temple Truck Crash?

In some respects, civil liability for truck crashes works the same way as liability for all other types of motor vehicle wrecks. If a truck driver acts recklessly, carelessly, or negligently and causes a collision, the law would assume them at fault for all ensuing damages. However, the companies that employ negligent truckers could often be held vicariously liable or directly accountable for a driver’s negligence. For instance, forcing drivers to stay on the road longer than allowed under federal law makes an employer reckless.

Alternatively, wrecks of this nature could occur because of unsafe conditions outside an individual truck driver’s control. Depending on the circumstances, the primary fault might lie with a mechanic or vehicle manufacturer that failed to ensure a truck was in safe working order before transit. A supplier or contractor who did not properly secure cargo inside a trailer or another driver whose misconduct forced a trucker into a situation where a crash was unavoidable could also be held accountable.

People injured in truck wrecks could be found partially responsible for their damages based on their carelessness and the percentage of blame they are assigned. As a truck crash attorney in Temple could explain, any degree of fault assigned to an injured plaintiff allows a court to proportionally reduce the value of their damage award or bar them from recovery completely.

Recovering Within Applicable Filing Deadlines

In addition to proving fault within the bounds of state law and establishing a fair compensatory value for crash-related losses, another challenging element of successfully pursuing a lawsuit after a commercial vehicle collision is building and filing a case within legal time limits. According to Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003, the most plaintiffs must file their truck wreck claim within two years of the accident in question.

There are very few exceptions to this statute of limitations and failing to abide by it will almost always leave an injured person with no legal means of recovering compensation. Support from a capable big rig wreck lawyer in Temple could be crucial to complying with this strict rule and preserving one’s right to compensation.

Talk to a Temple Truck Accident Attorney About Your Legal Options

Truck crashes can be immensely traumatic under any circumstances, especially when they result in life-altering injuries. If you were hurt and are dealing with financial and personal losses because of a truck driver’s negligence, seeking monetary recovery from them or their employer may be essential to protecting your long-term interests. A skilled Temple truck accident lawyer could be a dedicated and dependable ally from beginning to end of your legal journey. Call today to get started.