Austin Rear-End Collision Lawyer

A rear-end car accident can be an unexpected event that leaves survivors with costly injuries. People generally have little time to brace themselves since these collisions happen quickly. If the accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, an injured person should work quickly to establish liability.

If you were injured in an rear-end crash, you should seek the experience of a well-practiced car accident attorney. An Austin rear-end collision lawyer could determine the cause of your crash, communicate the extent of your injuries, and help hold the negligent driver accountable for their actions.

Experienced Attorneys Helping Victims of Rear-End Auto Accidents

Common Causes of Rear-End Crashes in Austin

Rear-impact accidents are generally caused by negligent or careless driving. A few common offenses generally inspire these collisions.

Tailgating can cause rear-end crashes because this reckless behavior gives a following motorist little time to brake, change lanes, or take evasive action if the car in front comes to a quick stop.

Distracted driving, like having a phone conversation or texting, also causes many rear-end wrecks. A preoccupied driver will look up from their phone too late and not have enough time to stop at a light before hitting someone.

Finally, speeding is a major contributor. Going too fast through residential neighborhoods or on interstates with traffic lights could result in a reckless motorist striking a stationary car at high velocity.

What to do after a Tailgating Accident

The immediate step in each of these situations should be to contact an attorney as soon as possible. A tenacious attorney in Austin could analyze the circumstances of a rear-end accident to help a plaintiff determine the exact cause.

For example, your lawyer will contact the negligent driver’s insurance company so that they will deal with your counsel directly. Counsel will then acquire the accident reports, witness statements, and your medical records to establish the amount for which you should be compensated. A demand for payment will then be sent to the insurance company. If a settlement cannot be reached, your attorney will proceed with a lawsuit.

If the other driver was not cited, then it may be necessary to employ an accident reconstructionist and other experts in order to establish fault. If the insurance company does not offer a fair settlement, then we will not hesitate to file a Petition in Court. We understand that you are facing a stressful situation and will take your case seriously.

Injuries Associated with Rear-End Accidents

A rear end wreck that happens at high speed might result in severe injury that requires expensive medical treatment. The majority of wounds caused by rear-end crashes are neck and back related. Common examples include:

A compassionate Austin lawyer could help someone who suffered serious injuries in a rear-end collision pursue compensation for all the harm they sustained.

Demonstrating Liability Bolsters a Rear-End Collision Claim

One of the most significant aspects of the rear-end car accident lawsuit process is transparently demonstrating that a defendant’s negligent actions resulted in the collision. Legal advocates are particularly important during this stage, as they could help compile evidence that establishes a careless driver’s liability.

A diligent attorney could begin by investigating the accident. They might search for photos of the scene, thoroughly examine a police report, speak with witnesses, or review available security footage.

After a claimant successfully establishes liability by proving that the other driver is to blame, they can start filing a personal injury claim. They might collect damages that provide reimbursement for setbacks like medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering. A seasoned attorney in Austin could help a wounded plaintiff navigate all stages of the claims process following a rear-end collision.

Speak with an Austin Rear-End Collision Attorney

If you were struck while driving carefully through your city or town, you should fight to protect your rights. Negligent motorists should not get away with their reckless conduct. Fortunately, a member of our legal team could be an impactful ally if you need assistance. One of our hard-working Austin rear-end collision lawyers could outline your options for handling your case and help you establish liability. Reach out today for a consultation.