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Assisting Those Injured in Stop Sign Crashes

The meaning of a stop sign is not ambiguous. Unfortunately, many car accidents occur due to other drivers’ failure to yield or stop when required. This type of negligence can result in serious injury to a victim which, in turn, requires compensation. It is important that you retain an attorney immediately as there are steps that should be immediately taken after such an incident. An Austin stop sign car accident lawyer can help people know what to expect from legal processes after being involved in this type of crash.

The Danger of Accidents at Stop Signs

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Drivers are obligated to stop and yield the right of way at a stop sign. This responsibility is often violated at a four-way stop or other intersections and the result is an accident. Such instances can result in anything from a fender bender to a serious injury case involving paralysis, spinal injuries, or even wrongful death. A common issue in such cases is that it may not be immediately clear to arriving police officers who was at fault. Establishing liability in such cases can require interviewing witnesses and nearby residents. It may also involve employing an accident reconstructionist. Hiring an Austin attorney knowledgeable about stop sign cases may be crucial to your ability to recover damages.

Dan Christensen is a skilled lawyer with substantial experience in representing the victims of stop sign accidents. The first step in a stop sign or right-of-way case is to immediately obtain all police reports. Even if the defendant was given a traffic citation, we will immediately investigate the scene of the accident. We will employ an investigator to interview nearby residents or anyone else who may have observed the collision.

Your Stop Sign Wreck Case Process

Our firm has relationships with accident reconstruction experts who can offer an opinion as to who was at fault. Once the necessary evidence is gathered, we will send a demand for payment to the insurance company. Should settlement not be reached, then we will not hesitate to file a negligence suit on your behalf in state or federal court. We will ensure you are prepared for trial and see your case through to completion. We understand that you are facing a stressful situation and we will take it seriously. Contact us today.

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