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The majority of drivers don’t give the different features of their vehicles much thought; instead, they just expect that they will perform as intended. To be sure, brakes are expected to stop the vehicle when applied, seatbelts are expected to restrain drivers and passengers when used properly, and a vehicle’s structure is expected to hold in the event of a collision. Glass is another important safety feature of a vehicle. When glass is defective, however, it can be extremely dangerous and increase the risk of injuries. Call an Austin faulty auto glass lawyer at our firm for assistance with filing a civil claim for damages.


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Auto Glass: An Important Safety Feature

You may think that the glass within your vehicle is designed to do nothing more than protect you from the elements and allow you to see the outside world. But glass is actually designed to do much more than this – auto glass is an important safety feature that can reinforce the vehicle’s structure, help maintain roof rigidity, absorb and withstand force applied, and keep occupants inside of the vehicle in the event of a collision. Laminated glass, which is what windshields are made of, is also designed to not fracture into multiple shards of glass in the event of an accident, reducing the risk of injury.

Tempered glass, on the other hand, which is what sunroofs and surrounding windows of a vehicle (not the windshield) are made of, is strong, but not as strong as laminated windshields. These windows may break in a crash, such as a rollover, resulting in flying glass, decreased roof stability, and an increased risk of accident.

Defective Auto Glass Can Cause Serious Injuries

Because the auto glass within a vehicle is so critical to the vehicle’s overall safety rating, it is tested and

analyzed before a vehicle is allowed to go to market. But this is not to say that errors and inconsistencies do not occur; to be sure, errors in the tempering or lamination process can result in windows that are not as strong and safe as vehicle manufacturers purport them to be. This means that in a crash, especially a rollover collision, the vehicle’s structural soundness is compromised, the glass may become a dangerous projectile, and occupants may be at an increased risk of severe and life-threatening injuries.

Liability for Defective Auto Glass-Related Injuries

While the manufacturer of an automobile will likely not be held liable for an accident itself (instead, this claim would be brought against the negligent driver whose actions caused the crash), the manufacturer may be held liable for injuries that are the direct result of defective auto glass under the theory of product liability. Car manufacturers can be held liable for injuries that result from defectively designed or manufactured products.

But bringing forth a products liability claim against an auto manufacturer isn’t easy, and requires a thorough investigation, the opinions of various experts, and other types of evidence. 

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