Because of their size and the speeds at which they travel, commercial trucks have a greater risk of causing severe injuries in the event of a collision involving other vehicles. However, when a truck driver does not exercise reasonable care and others are injured in the resulting accident, they and their employer may be held liable for negligence.

If you were injured by a tractor-trailer, you should have a skilled attorney with experience in this area of law on your side. Working with a legal representative who is familiar with common causes of truck accidents in Austin could prove beneficial for you in your pursuit of compensation from liable parties.

Reasons for Tractor-Trailer Wrecks

There are a variety of ways a truck driver could cause someone to sustain catastrophic injuries in an accident. Some common causes of trucking accidents in Austin include:

Fatigued and Distracted Driving

Truck drivers have long schedules and are frequently overworked, which can cause extreme fatigue while driving. There are state and federal regulations for truckers that mandate how long they can drive at any given time, mandatory break times, and how much time needs to pass between shifts. However, standards set by a trucker’s employer may necessitate driving over those limits, leading to many accidents caused by drowsy or fatigues driving.

When drivers are expected to pay attention at all times but are overworked and fatigued, they may be more easily distracted while behind the wheel. The driver may become susceptible to distractions involving food, their cell phone, or a radio to keep themselves from drowsing. Unfortunately, however, this can lead to severe accidents, injuries, and even death.

No-Zone Accidents

Tractor-trailers also have a “No-Zone,” or a blind spot that prevents drivers from seeing directly behind them at all times, which can put a truck driver and other motorists at risk. Truck drivers who cannot see a smaller vehicle in their blind spot may change lanes, leading to devastating crashes.

Speeding and Disobeying Traffic Laws

Commercial vehicle wrecks in Austin also commonly occur when truck drivers speed or run traffic lights or stop signs. Other motorists who are injured by a speeding trucker or one who ignores the right of way often sustain severe injuries or even death. Some injuries that victims might suffer as a result of a truck driver’s failure to obey traffic laws include:

Because truck wrecks can cause such severe and debilitating injuries, it is important to have a skilled attorney fight for the financial recovery that the victim deserves and hold the at-fault parties accountable.

Ask an Attorney about Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Austin

After sustaining injuries in a truck wreck, you should focus primarily on recovering physically and emotionally while a skilled attorney fights for your rights in court. A lawyer who understands the common causes of truck accidents in Austin and how they may impact a case could deal with the insurance companies, provide necessary evidence, and more to help you recover your losses after the accident. Call today to schedule a consultation with a legal advocate who could advise you and protect your best interests.