Bicycling Information for Austin, TX Commuters

By April 25, 2018Bicycle Accidents

Are you a novice rider looking to get a little exercise and start commuting to work via bicycle? Perhaps you’re an experienced biker looking to become more familiar with the quickest routes in the Austin area to and from. Either way, you should understand how to ride safely and get to where you need to go.

Bicycling can be a fun activity if done properly. With the right equipment and knowledge, you’ll be able to explore Austin without the need for a car.

Motorists often have difficulties sharing the road with bicycles. This can lead to serious bicycle accidents. Therefore, it’s important to stay alert and follow the rules at all times. Here are some helpful tidbits that can help.

Start Slow

If you’re new to the Austin, TX area or haven’t ridden a bike in a long time, you’ll want to start off slow. Don’t expect to start riding 10 miles a day. Start by venturing around your general neighborhood and work up from there. When you feel confident enough to make your work commute, give yourself plenty of time to identify and avoid any hazards along the way.

Understand the Rules

Bicycle laws vary from state to state. They may even differ from city to city. If you’re riding your bicycle in Austin, make sure you’re doing it legally. If you need a refresher on bicycling laws in the area, check out the information provided by the City of Austin.

Take a Class

Even if you know the rules, traveling on the roads with motor vehicles can still be a little daunting. If you need an extra boost of self-confidence, a class can help. If you’re too busy to attend a class in person, you can take an online class. But don’t expect to speed through this course. This comprehensive class contains 110 pages of content and will take you approximately three hours to complete.

Take the Right Route

The fastest route isn’t always the safest route. Busy intersections are especially dangerous. Try to use routes that don’t typically get a lot of traffic. Once you become more comfortable, you can venture out into the areas that have more traffic. As you become more and more experienced, you can determine which routes are the best to take to your destination. The City of Austin provides a useful map that can help you navigate the Austin area with ease.

Have the Right Equipment

With the right bicycling protective gear and equipment, you can stay safer and enjoy your ride a lot more. A helmet should be on your list. While Austin requires helmets for those under age 18, bike riders of all ages should wear one. Bicycle helmets help protect your brain from injury should you crash or collide with a pedestrian or motor vehicle. A helmet could save your life.

You should also have a water bottle and pump handy. Water will help keep you from getting dehydrated in the Austin, TX heat, and a pump will keep tires properly inflated to prevent flats and fatigue.

Contact an Austin, TX Personal Injury Lawyer

No matter how hard you try to avoid bicycling accidents, they can still happen. Even if you think you may have suffered only minor injuries, you should still contact a lawyer to help you understand your legal rights. A medical examination can help you understand how injuries sustained in a bicycle wreck can affect you long-term.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident, contact the Austin personal injury attorneys at DJC Law. We can assess your case and help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Call our office at (512) 220-1800 to learn more.