Failure to Yield Car Accidents in Austin

Many accidents occur each year in Austin because drivers fail to yield as required by law when entering intersections or merging onto roads or highways. Failure to yield car accidents in Austin can result in significant personal injuries and even lead to roadway fatalities. If you suffered injuries because another driver failed to yield your right of way, you might be facing a grueling physical and emotional recovery, significant medical bills, and lost wages. A local car crash attorney could explain your legal rights and options and assist you with filing a civil lawsuit against the driver who made that mistake.

What Situations Commonly Lead to Failure to Yield Accidents?

When two cars arrive at an intersection, one of those cars must yield to the other, otherwise a collision could occur. Texas law requires all drivers to obey the rules of the road, including all traffic signals and signs. Yield signs tell people on the road which driver has the right of way to merge or enter an intersection first. Even when there are no actual yield signs, Texas law requires drivers to yield as appropriate for each situation. For example, when four cars arrive at an intersection with four stop signs, the vehicle that arrives first has the right of way to go first. In Austin, failure to yield collisions commonly occur when a driver:
  • Fails to yield before entering onto a highway
  • Turns left at an intersection without yielding
  • Fails to yield to cross traffic at three and four way stops and intersections
  • Does not yield to an emergency vehicle, such as a fire truck, ambulance, or police car
  • Fails to yield to a bicycle or pedestrian
  • Does not yield to existing traffic at a roundabout or when exiting a parking lot or driveway
Austin drivers are required to yield in the appropriate circumstances unless a police officer directing traffic tells a driver not to. A local attorney could review the facts of a claimant's case to see if another driver committed a traffic violation that could make them civilly liable for subsequent injuries and losses.

Investigating Failure to Yield Collisions

One of the most significant steps of the failure to yield claims process is assessing the details of an accident to demonstrate that another driver was responsible. Investigations are best handled with the assistance of a diligent legal representative who could work hard to protect a claimant’s integrity. When investigating an accident, a legal advocate might begin by reading through the relevant police report to gain a basic understanding of what happened. Afterwards, an attorney could interview witnesses, review available security footage, or speak with medical professionals to establish the scope of a plaintiff’s injuries. Evaluating the collision scene is also a great option since something like skid marks could help paint a clear picture of who failed to yield. Regardless of the investigation method, a lawyer could fight tirelessly to help prove that the negligent actions of another motorist caused a failure to yield wreck in Austin.

Comparative Fault in Austin Car Accidents

Texas is an at-fault state, meaning an injured claimant can collect damages from the at-fault driver's insurance company or file a civil claim against the at-fault driver. According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §33.001, local courts operate with a modified comparative negligence standard, which allows partially responsible claimants to recover damages from the other driver as long as they are less than 50 percent at fault for the accident. If a claimant bears partial responsibility for the severity of a failure to yield accident, a court would reduce their recoverable damages by their assigned percentage of fault. A seasoned local attorney could explain how the comparative fault system works and help a claimant pursue damages from the people responsible for failing to yield.

Meet with an Austin Attorney who Understands Failure to Yield Car Accidents

Failure to yield car accidents in Austin can be particularly frustrating because they would not have occurred if the driver had obeyed one of the most basic rules of the road. Our attorneys understand that frustration. A skilled team of attorneys could advise you and work with you to obtain the justice and compensation you deserve, so make an appointment at firm today.