A child’s health and safety should be of the utmost importance to every caregiver. Parents do their best to protect their children from harm, but sometimes, accidents are unavoidable. Fortunately, if your child was hurt under someone else’s supervision, you might have the right to collect compensation for their injuries.

Caring for an injured child can be difficult for you and your family, but an experienced Georgetown child injury lawyer could handle legal processes while you focus on taking care of your little one. Our compassionate injury attorneys could serve as the resource you need in these difficult times.

What Usually Causes Child Injuries?

Children do not always understand the severity of hazardous situations and are more susceptible to accidents than adults. Common accidents that harm children include:

Regardless of the cause of the accident, a civil court will hold an adult responsible for child injuries caused by negligence. A skilled Georgetown attorney could review the details of the accident to transparently prove who needs to assume liability.

Typical Examples of Child Injuries

There are many types of injuries that even the most careful children can experience in an accident, including:

Broken Bones

Broken bones are painful injuries that take a long time to heal. These can occur for many reasons, including falls after climbing, bicycle collisions, or car accidents.

Dog Bite Injuries

Children are especially vulnerable to animal bites. If a negligent dog owner lets their pet off the leash or does not warn about the danger of their animal, a child could be severely hurt during an attack.

Serious Burn Injuries or Poisoning

It is not uncommon for children to suffer chemical burn injuries or poisoning. There are many forms of chemicals in homes and workplaces. It is the responsibility of adult caregivers to ensure that young people cannot reach them.

While these injuries can occur because of a child’s curiosity, a caregiver may be responsible for allowing an accident to happen. If a child is injured due to negligent supervision, reach out to a hard-working attorney in Georgetown.

The Statute of Limitations After Child Injuries

The statute of limitations is legislation that prevents the claimant from suing a defendant after a particular time frame expires. Under Texas Practice and Remedies §16.003, the plaintiff usually must file all personal injury claims within two years.

However, the rules for filing a child injury claim are a bit different. In these situations, the clock does not begin running until a minor turns 18. A diligent lawyer in Georgetown could answer questions on civil law statutes and ensure that a child injury claimant files their lawsuit according to the court’s requirements.

Schedule a Meeting with a Child Injury Attorney in Georgetown

Having a child who suffers severe and long-lasting injuries is every parent’s worst nightmare. Nothing is more excruciating than watching your child handle severe pain after an accident. When an adult’s careless actions cause a preventable injury, you have the right to hold them accountable.

If your little one was in an avoidable accident, contact a skilled Georgetown child injury lawyer to learn more. After your initial consultation, they could get started on assembling your claim and getting your family back on track.