A class action lawsuit filed in August, 2022, alleges Northwestern Memorial Hospital illegally allowed Facebook to intercept, harvest, and collect its patients’ private medical data. Facebook is alleged to have embedded a tracker called Meta Pixel into Northwestern’s patient portal.

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Attorney Dan Christensen, founder of DJC Law, stated,

“This is a very big and important case. Every citizen’s most private information is increasingly subject to capture and misuse by Corporate America without their knowledge or consent. I’m proud of our consumer rights team for taking on this fight. I’m confident in their due diligence, and I know they will zealously represent this class.”

Attorney Nick Wooten stated,

“I am grateful for the confidence Dan has in our team and the opportunity Dan has given me to take on this important fight. I look forward to the process of certifying this class and getting the relief these consumers deserve.”

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Grounds & Eligibility for the Class Action Claim Against Facebook

The lawsuit alleges that Facebook used Northwestern’s patients’ private medical data captured by Meta Pixel for its own profit. The class would consist of all Northwestern Memorial Hospital patients who used Northwestern Memorial’s patient portal for the two-year period from August 10, 2020, to August 10, 2022.

Previous class action lawsuits have addressed the company’s improper use of “cookies” to track Facebook account owners even after they had logged off of Facebook. Cookies refer to pieces of data that are used to identify individual computers inside larger networks. This information allows companies to tailor browsing experiences to suit specific users.

At the time, Facebook asked each user for consent to track their browsing activity through cookies while actively logged into Facebook. The company promised to stop tracking this information after a user logs out. The previous class action lawsuit’s allegation, backed by significant data evidence, was that Facebook continued to track users without their consent and violated this supposed promise. In February 2022, Meta/Facebook offered a $90 million settlement; in March that agreement received preliminary approval from a judge. While the Northwestern Memorial Hospital incident is the latest instance of Meta mishandling data, the company has a long track record of similar issues.

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