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People love their dogs, and a well-behaved canine is perhaps America’s most beloved animal. On the other hand, some dogs are aggressive and attack others. Dog bites and attacks can lead to serious injury, scarring, infection, and emotional trauma. Hiring the right attorney can make a difference in whether someone recovers or if they go uncompensated or undercompensated. Our Austin dog bite lawyers can effectively represent your interests after a canine attack and maximize your chances of success.

Austin Attorneys Assisting Those Who Have Been Attacked by a Dog

Obtaining a Settlement from the Dog Owner’s Insurance

Our Austin attorneys are experienced helping those who have been attacked by dogs and holding dog owners responsible for the harm caused by their pet. Harm caused by an aggressive canine may include serious injuries such as nerve damage, permanent scars and disfigurement, and pain and emotional distress. Such situations typically fall within the coverage of the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy.

Once you retain our team, we will immediately send notice of our representation to the dog owner’s insurance so the insurer will deal with us directly. We will fully investigate the case, identify witnesses, obtain security footage, and acquire all your medical records.

If a settlement cannot be reached with the insurance company, then it may be necessary to file a lawsuit and proceed into litigation. We will protect you at trial and ensure you know what to expect as your canine attack claim moves forward.

Our legal team is prepared to go to trial with you if the dog's owner refuses to settle or offers an inadequate settlement amount.

Establishing Liability for a Canine Bite during a Lawsuit

An owner may be held responsible for dog bite-related damages if they were aware that their animal previously bit a person or has displayed vicious tendencies in the past. Vicious tendencies in dogs include attempted attacks, growling, snapping, and baring teeth.

Under strict liability, a plaintiff does not need to show any fault by the dog’s owner to obtain compensation. Merely establishing that the dog was previously known to be dangerous entitles an injured plaintiff to recover for the damages they sustained.

Who Else Could be Responsible for a Dog Attack in Austin?

Besides the animal’s owner, a landlord may also be responsible for injuries caused by a dog living on their premises. If a property owner receives complaints or knew of a dog’s prior attacks or vicious behavior, they could also be responsible for any canine bites and attacks that take place on their premises thereafter. This is because it is a property owner’s responsibility to remedy any known dangers to protect tenants from foreseeable harm, which would include making the owner remove the dangerous animal from the premises in this case.

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Our firm is founded on the idea that all people are entitled to the highest level of respect. We understand that our clients wish to put the matter behind them and move on. We strive to handle dog bite cases as efficiently as possible while promptly returning phone calls, responding to e-mails, and providing clients with the cell numbers of our attorneys. Get in touch with one of our Austin dog bite lawyers for legal assistance after an aggressive canine attack.