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Driving has a number of risks, and when driving at high speeds, in congested areas, or around negligent drivers, those risks increase. In construction zones, driving can be a particularly unnerving business, and accidents are common. 

When an accident occurs, understanding who’s liable for your injuries and how to recover compensation can be made easier with the help of a local auto accident attorney. When you call an experienced Austin construction zone accident lawyer, we’ll get to work on your case immediately.

Austin Lawyers Handling Construction Car Wreck Claims

What is a Work Zone Crash?

The Texas Department of Transportation defines a "work zone crash" as a traffic accident in or related to a construction or maintenance zone. According to Texas Transportation Code §472.022(e)(2), a "construction or maintenance work zone" is a portion of a street or highway undergoing maintenance work or construction which is marked by signs indicating that when workers are present in a work zone, the fines for violating traffic laws double as well as the parameters of the work zone (i.e., where the work zone begins and ends).

Common Causes of Construction Zone Traffic Accidents

Construction zones are more dangerous than other areas of highway for a number of reasons. First, speed limits often change quickly between entering and exiting construction zones, which can lead to confusion and increase the risk of rear-end collisions when drivers are following too closely.

In addition to the change in speed limit, construction zones are usually much more congested than other parts of the highway. Not only does this mean that navigation might be more precarious, but road rage may be prevalent, too.

When construction zones aren’t properly marked, and road signage isn’t clear, these zones can also be confusing. Drivers may mistakenly drive in the wrong lane, take the wrong turn, or otherwise make an error that endangers others. These factors make construction car crashes dangerous, but a knowledgeable Austin lawyer is here to help with filing a claim after a wreck. A collision in a construction zone may be caused by various acts of negligence. Some examples include speeding, tailgating, driving while distracted, driving while impaired, and driving aggressively. In addition to other drivers, blame for an accident may fall on the shoulders of the construction company if a construction company error — such as improperly marking a construction zone or directing drivers — was the cause of the collision.

Recoverable Damages for Injuries Sustained in a Work Zone Accident

Someone injured in a construction zone accident may be coping with numerous different losses, including medical expenses, property damage costs, lost wages, and emotional anguish and physical suffering. Texas is an at-fault car insurance state, which means anyone injured in a construction zone collision can file a claim for damages against the at-fault party – be it another driver, the construction company, or another negligent player.

In order to recoup their full damages award, a claimant would have to prove that the other party’s negligence was the direct cause of the accident and subsequent injuries. Our Austin lawyers can help gather the evidence to bring forth a successful construction zone car crash claim. A dedicated attorney can also offer representation in all negotiations and provide legal advice throughout the process.

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A construction zone collision can be scary and may leave you with life-changing injuries. If you have been harmed due to another’s actions, let our lawyers help you. To learn more about your potential legal recourse, reach out to an Austin construction zone accident lawyer at our firm today.