Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Lawyer

Camp Lejeune long served as a training ground for the United States Marine Corps. Starting in 1941 and lasting until the present day, Marines and their families lived at this camp. Many Marines participated in amphibious assault training while residing at the camp. While the United States government had a duty to protect the well-being of all people living on the base, we now know that they failed in this obligation. Specifically, Camp Lejeune residents faced exposure to contaminated tap water from 1953 through 1987. If you lived at Camp Lejeune from these dates and are now suffering from the side effects, you might be able to pursue financial compensation. For veterans, this could include seeking benefits from the VA’s disability compensation program. For family members, it may be possible to join an ongoing mass tort that could allow you to pursue payments without needing to file a formal lawsuit in court.

Compensation for Veterans who Lived at Camp Lejeune

We now know that the tap water at Camp Lejeune contained a collection of contaminants that have the potential to significantly impact a person's long-term health. Potential complications from exposure to this water over an extended period include a variety of cancers, liver failure, and even ALS. Because Marines faced exposure to this danger while serving on active duty, they may be able to collect compensation through the VA’s disability compensation program. This framework can provide direct payments to veterans who can show that their current medical condition is a product of being on active duty in the military. Our skilled lawyers could help veterans and their families make the connection between their condition and Camp Lejeune’s contaminated water. An attorney might recommend pursuing an appeal on behalf of veterans if a claim for benefits has already resulted in a denial. In short, a lawyer is prepared to take all necessary steps to help veterans receive the benefits that they need to cover their damages and medical expenses.

Seeking Justice for the Families of Camp Lejeune Marines

While diseases related to drinking contaminated water most often affect Marines, the fact is that their families may also have lived at Camp Lejeune and ingested these dangerous substances. As a result, spouses and children may also now be suffering from serious diseases. However, as non-veterans, they do not have the ability to seek compensation from the VA. Instead, federal courts have recognized that multiple people have suffered similar injuries from a same set of facts. This allows these people to join their individual lawsuits together into what is known as a mass tort. Under the Federal Tort Claims Act, 28 United States Code § 2671-2680, people seeking compensation may join their cases into a single lawsuit when there is a common defendant and a substantially similar pattern of facts. Courts have already recognized the fact that the events at Camp Lejeune fit these criteria and have certified a class of plaintiffs as able to demand compensation. A seasoned lawyer help family members of Camp Lejeune veterans determine if they are eligible to join this ongoing lawsuit and demand compensation for their injuries.

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A collection of contaminants in Camp Lejeune’s water supply affected both Marines and their families from 1953 through 1987. Exposure to these substances has resulted in a higher rate of diagnosis of serious diseases such as cancer, organ failure, and Parkinson’s. If you were a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune for at least 30 days during this time or were a family member living on the base, you may have the right to demand compensation for your losses. A Camp Lejeune water contamination lawyer could help you collect these payments. This may involve seeking benefits through the VA’s disability compensation program or joining in a mass tort with other people suffering from similar ailments. Speak with an attorney now to explore your options.