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Nick Wooten has over twenty-five years of experience representing regular people in litigation against the largest companies in America. Nick has expertise across the spectrum of plaintiff’s litigation with in-depth experience in all aspects of litigation from simple personal injury cases to mass torts and class actions.

Nick has a national reputation as one of the top courtroom litigators in America winning seven figure verdicts and settlements in multiple state and federal courts across our great nation. Nick’s national notoriety derives from his work in complex consumer litigation. Nick’s vast experience includes hundreds of trials across multiple state courts, multiple bankruptcy courts, and multiple federal courts. Nick’s deep, varied, and intellectually stimulating practice has made him a highly sought-after lecturer and teacher of litigation skills and complex litigation subject matter for numerous Bar associations and organizations. Nick has even served as invited faculty for the Federal Judicial College and the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges.

Nick is nationally known among the plaintiff’s and defense bar and the judiciary for his exceptional courtroom skills, his ability to prepare and present his case, and his collegial and professional relationships with all members of the Bench and the Bar as well as the staff and support staff involved in the administration of the judicial system. Nick can co-counsel on cases from the beginning of a case through the pre-trial portion of a case and impact the valuation of the case in a positive manner based upon his long-term track record of success in the courtroom.

During his career in litigation Nick has established a reputation as a creative thinker who is willing to pioneer new claims and causes of action. Nick has the willingness and the ability to challenge bad precedent and expand good precedent. Nick has a track record of success in appellate practice in addition to his excellent reputation for courtroom work. Nick has also worked extensively in collaborative efforts in national litigation projects as both a member and leader of litigation efforts in mass torts and class actions. Nick also has deep relationships with the plaintiffs’ Bar nationally and extensive connections with subject matter experts in all fields of civil litigation developed over more than twenty-five years of practice.

In addition to his expertise in litigation, as various times during his legal career Nick has served as a consultant to hedge funds and institutional investors in areas of his subject matter expertise. Nick has also served as counsel for a number of small private corporations involved in structured finance, complex real estate and renewable energy transactions. Nick’s consulting work created a network of personal relationships in finance with a number of market movers in complex and structured finance as well as hedge funds, family offices and institutional investors.

In addition to his Juris Doctorate degree, Nick has an LLM, summa cum laude, in International Taxation and Financial Services which he obtained while he practiced law full time. Nick also earned certifications as a Chartered Asset Manager, Master Financial Planner, Chartered Wealth Manager, Accredited Financial Analyst and Chartered Portfolio Manager. Nick’s LLM course of study was concentrated on acquiring the subject matter expertise necessary to administer and manage complex investments, investment funds including opportunity and hedge funds, and complex renewable energy and real estate investment vehicles. The LLM program provided subject matter education on all aspects of providing counsel to family offices, venture capital, private capital, hedge funds and institutional investors on litigation, regulatory and compliance issues.

Nick’s vast knowledge and wealth of experience in litigation from the intake of a case, through verdict and onto its final affirmance on appeal is unique. Nick’s skill set allows him to go “beyond the papers” and deeply analyze legal and procedural issues that exist in all cases. In appropriate circumstances, Nick is available for co-counsel arrangements to assist in meritorious litigation projects.

Nick was the lead trial counsel in Hammer v. Residential Credit Solutions in the Northern District of Illinois that resulted in a $2,000,000 verdict in April of 2015. Nick was also the lead trial counsel in Saccameno v. Ocwen Loan Servicing, also in the Northern District of Illinois, which resulted in a jury verdict of $3,582,000 in April of 2018. In addition to handling personal injury cases for the Firm’s clients, Nick continues to pursue consumer cases around the country for ordinary people who have been abused by Corporate America.

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