Paraquat Lawyer

Although ranchers and farmers routinely spray weed and grass killer to tame their lands, one of the most widely used chemicals can be deadly if it is ingested, inhaled, or touches the skin. Paraquat dichloride, commonly known as paraquat, is so toxic that it is not available to the residential gardener. You must have a special commercial license to use it. The Agricultural Health Study has found that paraquat use significantly increases the risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease. If you have symptoms of or have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and you have been exposed to weed and grass killers through your job or through proximity to a ranch or farmland, a paraquat lawyer could review your situation and determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation. Our defective product attorneys are here to help.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified paraquat as an herbicide restricted to agricultural and commercial use. It has been available since the early 1960s. Workers handling paraquat must have a license to purchase it and train to become certified applicators. Paraquat is banned in several countries, including European Union nations and China. In the U.S., the National Water-Quality Assessment Project estimates that paraquat use has doubled in the past ten years, from five million pounds to ten. Paraquat is available in liquid and granular forms. The liquid contains a blue dye so as not to be mistaken for a soft drink and an agent that will cause anyone consuming it to vomit. The most popular herbicide containing paraquat is Gramoxone®, manufactured by the multibillion-dollar company Syngenta.


Parkinson’s is a neurological disease that disrupts movement. Although treatment can help control the symptoms, it is progressive and has no known cure. The toxic elements of paraquat have been found to damage cells that are crucial to how the body moves. According to Mayo Clinic, symptoms of Parkinson’s include:
  • Tremors that usually begin in the fingers and hands
  • Slow movements, such as trouble walking or difficulty getting out of bed or a chair
  • Rigid muscles that may cause pain
  • Shaky balance
  • Lost ability to perform instinctive movements, such as blinking or smiling
  • Changes in speech and ability to write
Because there is no known cure for Parkinson’s, those diagnosed with it face a lifetime of medical care. Unfortunately, this necessary treatment is extremely expensive. Our dedicated lawyers understand this and are prepared to help someone injured by paraquat pursue the compensation they need to pay their medical bills.


To prevail in a case for paraquat exposure, the plaintiff must have sustained injuries or losses. After a plaintiff demonstrates that they were harmed by this agricultural substance, judges and juries compensate for any losses or setbacks. Some compensation, such as reimbursement for medical bills or lost wages, is easy to calculate. However, payment for more subjective losses can be more challenging. For instance, non-economic compensation for mental anguish or emotional trauma might require expert testimony.

How Can Our Team Help?

People exposed to toxic herbicides who develop medical conditions such as Parkinson’s can contact our office for a case evaluation. We will seek a link between the medical diagnosis and paraquat by taking a statement concerning exposure, determining whether a person works with the chemical or lives near an area crop duster regularly spray, and concluding whether a worker was trained and licensed through an employer to use paraquat. Our lawyers might review medical records and consult medical experts in paraquat cases. Any of this evidence could significantly strengthen the impact of a claim for compensation.


Agribusiness is big enterprise in the U.S. It involves clearing vast plots of land to plant or raise livestock. Since the 1960s, farmers have used toxic herbicides to clear land and get it ready for growing crops. After exposure to paraquat, many workers have developed Parkinson’s disease. If you have worked with paraquat and contracted Parkinson’s, you may be eligible for compensation from the commercial manufacturer. You should have been warned about the dangers of this product before you started to use it. Call a paraquat lawyer today to discuss your situation.