Austin Trucking Laws and Industry Regulations

Truck drivers have a responsibility to know state and federal trucking laws and industry regulations to keep themselves and other motorists safe. The state trucking industry and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles have provided trucking laws and industry regulations for companies and their drivers to abide by while on the road.

Because of the weight and size of tractor-trailers, it is crucial for drivers to understand and follow these regulations to avoid potential harm. To learn more about Austin trucking laws and industry regulations, get in touch with a member of our team.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Applicable in Austin

The federal trucking laws are the general industry standards, but these regulations are the bare minimum of what truckers should do and be aware of while operating a big rig. For example, if they are driving in the rain and are going the posted speed limit, they may not be breaking any federal rules. However, if their visibility is limited, a driver should travel below the speed limit and take proper precautions to be safe.

Truck drivers are expected to have a regulated schedule to avoid driving for an unreasonable and even dangerous amount of time. They must also take breaks while working, including meal breaks, have mandatory time off, and more. In addition to the regulations regarding scheduling, drivers must also have a vehicle that is up to terms. For example, they must have proper mirrors to limit blind spots, keep from overloaded cargo, and more.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Pocketbook is a standard book for all drivers to have, and it is updated monthly. Drivers are required to know the rules and their updates and follow them to remain safe while driving.

The Importance of Upholding the Regulatory Standards

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration stops trucks to do periodic inspections. If the driver or their employer fails to meet the standards set by the government, they can be fined. If it is a repeat offense, the fines may escalate to more serious violations, until the driver ultimately loses their license to participate in interstate commerce.

Truck drivers and companies who do not maintain state and federal trucking regulations put other motorists at risk, as people are injured every day as the result of an unsafe commercial vehicle. By not upholding the proper standards, truckers could cause an accident, devastating injuries, and even severe financial burden for injured parties. In these situations, it may be in the driver’s best interest to contact a skilled Austin attorney experienced in this area of law to help them understand their options going forward.

Ask an Austin Attorney about Trucking Laws and Industry Regulations

Truck drivers have an immense amount of responsibility while operating commercial vehicles, so it is extremely important to understand and follow Austin trucking laws and industry regulations set by federal law. However, truck drivers should otherwise act reasonable to help ensure that they are keeping themselves and others safe while behind the wheel.

If you are working with a trucking company and have questions about your rights in regard to the trucking regulations, an attorney at our firm could help. Call today to schedule a consultation.