Life After the Accident: Learning to Cope After Loss of Loved One

By September 6, 2017Car Accidents

A car accident can change your life in an instant. Car accidents can range from minor to fatal. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 3,578 people were killed in Texas car accidents in 2015. An unexpected death from a car accident can bring shock and grief to the victim’s family.  If you were especially close to the loved one, it can be hard to move on and continue with life as normal. Everyone deals with death differently, and while it may seem as though you will never get over the loss of your loved one, you will with time. Read on to learn how to cope after a fatal car accident.

Talk About the Death With Others

Being in denial only makes things worse. When you are ready, feel free to open up to friends and other family members. Talk about your feelings. It’s perfectly acceptable to feel sad, angry or frustrated, but don’t keep these feelings bottled up. Once you start opening up to others, you can start the healing process.

Stay Busy

Having too much downtime will cause you to think too much, and this can cause you to focus on your feelings of grief. The death of a loved one should make you think about life in general, and how short it is. You may begin to realize that you need to make the most of your life.

Get out and do things, but not just anything. Don’t keep busy doing things that make you miserable. Focus on things you love to do or want to do. Go shopping with a friend. Get out and see a movie with your spouse. If you have long-term goals—like starting a business or traveling—focus on those.

Take Care of Yourself

While you may have a lot on your mind during this difficult time, don’t neglect your own health. Be sure to eat well and exercise. Get plenty of rest. Avoid exhausting yourself physically or mentally. Avoid overindulging in habits such as drinking, smoking or drugs.

Cherish the Memories

Instead of focusing on the car accident and how your loved one died, think of the happy times. You likely have some favorite memories of your loved one. While he or she may be physically gone, your loved one will always live on in your heart. Think about ways in which you can honor his or her memory. Start a charity in his or her name. Plant a tree or garden. Pass on your loved one’s name to a baby.

Get Legal Help from an Austin, Texas Personal Injury Attorney After Your Loved One’s Car Accident

While many car accidents are minor, some do cause fatalities, unfortunately. It can take months or even years to fully get over the death of your loved one.

A wrongful death lawsuit filed with the help of an accident lawyer can help pay for expenses and bring closure to such a tragic situation. If your loved one was killed in a car accident, contact DC Law. Dan Christensen is a former prosecutor who uses his experience and knowledge to help others. Call him today at (512) 872-4834 to schedule a consultation.