Truck Freight Poses Risk on Texas Roads

By March 12, 2019Truck Accidents

The amount of freight being transported on U.S. roads continues to increase. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), the amount of truck freight increased a little over 4% from March 2017 to March 2018. The strong economy probably explains the increase, with more goods being transported for consumers.

The increased truck traffic has certainly been visible in Texas. According to BTS, Texas was the number 1 state seeing truck freight crossing its borders, with $26.3 billion worth of freight passing through. And the busiest truck border port was Laredo, Texas, which saw $15.4 billion, with El Paso in third place (with $5.3 billion). With all this traffic, motorists must be on high alert. Truck accidents have a reputation for being much more damaging than other accidents, with the passengers of smaller sedans suffering the worst injuries. The heavy size of big rigs is to blame, as is the heavy cargo. According to BTS, two of the top three commodities being transported were motor vehicles and electrical machinery.

Heavy Cargo can Unbalance Trucks

Commercial trucks can get into all kinds of accidents, often because of an error made by the truck driver. However, there are other types of accidents that are often the result of improperly loaded or secured cargo, which unbalances the trailer and can lead to terrifying accidents:

  • Rollovers. Big rigs have a higher center of gravity than other vehicles, and this makes them vulnerable to rolling on their sides. When cargo is not loaded properly, then the trailer might become even more unstable. When a trailer flips onto its side, it can crush any vehicles in the adjoining lane. Also, the trailer can bottle up traffic for hours, leading to other accidents.
  • Jackknifes. If the cargo is not secured properly or if the truck is overloaded, then it can jackknife. The name accurately describes the accident: the trailer will swing out in a perpendicular motion, like the blade of a Swiss army knife. The trailer can hit vehicles in adjacent lanes and even flip over, crushing them.
  • Cargo spills. Some cargo that is not adequately secured might come off the truck and crash into vehicles on the road.

Truck Accident Injuries

These accidents can cause horrific injuries, quite often death. If you have been injured in a truck accident, then seek medical attention immediately. Many people need the ambulance to come get them since any movement could aggravate brain injuries, back injuries, or spinal cord problems.

If you’ve been injured, you can receive compensation, but you need to properly document all of your losses. Hold onto medical bills and receipts for prescription drugs or other devices. Also fully document your lost income.

Legal Advisors You Can Trust after a Texas Truck Accident

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