Four Austin Residents Dead, Others Injured After Biloxi, Mississippi Train Accident

March 9, 2017 | By DJC Law Attorneys
Four Austin Residents Dead, Others Injured After Biloxi, Mississippi Train Accident

Four Austin residents were killed on March 7th, 2017 in Biloxi, Mississippi after a freight train struck a bus carrying senior citizens to a casino. Echo Transportation, a Dallas company, was operating the bus which carried 48 passengers. News reports indicate that the bus was stopped on the tracks when the locomotive, operated by CSX Transportation, hit its left side. The Biloxi police chief initially stated that he “was not sure” why the bus was stopped on the tracks. It appears, however, that the bus become stuck due to the fact that grading of the railroad crossing was not level.

Under such circumstances Echo Transportation may be liable for negligence on the part of their driver. Employers are responsible for the acts of employees who fail to perform their job up to reasonable standards and, if the failure in one’s job duties causes injuries, a victim can recover damages from the employer. If the driver could have prevented the bus from becoming stuck then Echo may be liable for such negligence. There would also be likely liability on the part of those responsible maintaining the grading of the railroad crossing. It is, therefore, possible that the victims of this accident have a case.

Damages for the loved ones of a deceased victim can include the victim’s lost future earnings as well as compensation for the emotional pain that accompanies such a tragedy. If it is shown that the bus driver was acting with a flagrant disregard for the safety of others then Echo Transportation may also be liable for punitive damages, which are meant to punish companies for such conduct. Those who survived the accident may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost income which resulted from the accident, as well as medical bills. Each victim’s situation will be different and it is best to consult with a lawyer.

In cases such as this it is important to retain a bus and rail accident attorney who has the resources necessary to see your case through to completion. Transportation companies tend to have a large group of attorneys on their side and this type of litigation can be both lengthy and costly. It may be necessary for your counsel to retain experts and to incur other large expenses. By retaining counsel with the resources necessary to perform such tasks you help to ensure that your case is handled properly.

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