While riding a motorcycle can be liberating, it can also be dangerous even if you act carefully and considerately. As many motorcyclists learn every year, drivers do not always give bikers the respect they are owed under state law. This recklessness could lead to collisions, catastrophic injuries, and financial losses.

Demanding fair financial restitution after a crash could be more accessible and successful if you seek help from an experienced Temple motorcycle accident lawyer. Whether you suffered life-altering trauma or just need help paying for out-of-pocket expenses, a capable personal injury attorney could provide the custom-tailored support you need to secure an ideal case resolution.

When Is Motorcycle Accident Litigation Possible?

Fortunately for injured victims, Texas law imposes no restrictions on when someone could file suit over any traffic accident, regardless of their type of insurance or how severe their injuries are. Anyone who wants to recover compensation for the effects of an injury must show that someone else’s negligence was the direct and primary cause of that injury. In specific legal terms, negligence is a combination of four things:

  • The existence of a duty to act responsibly to a plaintiff or other party
  • A reckless, careless, or malicious breach of said duty
  • A direct link between a defendant’s misconduct and an accident resulting in physical injury
  • Compensable losses stemming directly from that injury

The absence of any of these factors might make it significantly more challenging for an injured motorcyclist to pursue compensation for their losses and setbacks. A motorcycle crash attorney in Temple could clarify whether a particular scenario might warrant a claim and outline what options a plaintiff has for pursuing their case.

Recoverable Damages After a Motorcycle Wreck

A comprehensive lawsuit or settlement following a motorcycle crash could demand restitution for objective financial losses, various forms of non-economic harm stemming from physical injuries, and long-term losses that have yet to fully manifest themselves. To be more specific, recoverable damages after an unexpected motorcycle collision might include repayment for:

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • The cost of future rehabilitative and therapeutic medical care
  • Motorcycle repair or replacement costs
  • Short-term income loss or reduced long-term earning capacity
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Lost consortium and quality of life

In extreme situations involving a defendant’s egregious negligence or intentional malice, a court may elect to impose additional exemplary or punitive damages against them. During a confidential consultation, a lawyer in Temple could discuss what losses a person could factor into a specific motorcycle collision claim and determine whether punitive damages might be an option.

Contact a Temple Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Get Started

Motorcycles provide almost no protection from external impacts, which means negligent drivers could place motorcyclists in severe danger. If you were hurt by a careless driver, understanding and enforcing your right to pursue civil recovery could make a difference in your case process.

A knowledgeable Temple motorcycle accident lawyer could provide the support you need to achieve the compensation you deserve. Learn more by calling today.