Austin Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Nothing can reduce one’s ability to enjoy life more than being unable to perform basic tasks such as exercising, walking, or enjoying outdoor activities. Unfortunately, those paralyzed due to the negligence of another may never enjoy such activities again. Nothing will ever cure the damage of such loss.

Financial compensation, however, can reimburse the victim for lost income, future lost wages, past and future medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering. Our Austin paralysis injury lawyers represent those who have become paralyzed through no fault of their own. Connect with a catastrophic injury attorney at our firm.

Types of Actionable Paralysis Injuries

There are several forms of paralysis a person can suffer. Regardless of how severely paralyzed someone is, an Austin lawyer on our team can help recover compensation to cover their accident-related damages. The severity of a paralysis injury may impact the amount of compensation a plaintiff can recover in a lawsuit, however.


Quadriplegia paralysis typically results from an injury to the neck. A person with quadriplegia suffers a complete loss of movement and/or sensation from the neck down. It is sometimes possible to regain some movement and/or sensation through rehabilitative therapy over time. The higher on the spine the injury is, however, the more likely the resulting paralysis will be permanent.


A paraplegia injury resulting from a blow to the lower spine is characterized by impaired movement and reduced sensation below the waist. People with paraplegia can generally move their arms, neck, and head. Some serious spinal injuries may lead to some paralysis in the arms and upper torso, however.

While some people with paraplegia lose all sensation and mobility below the site of impact, others may experience less severe symptoms. Mild paraplegia may involve limited movement, tingling, or minimal sensation in the legs.

Common Causes of Paralysis in Austin

There are a number of accident types which can lead to paralysis. These include:

Someone paralyzed by such incidents may be entitled to recover financial compensation if the accident occurred due to another’s fault. Hiring the right paralysis injury attorney to assist you in such matters can be crucial.

Recovering Damages for Paralysis

The first step to recovering damages for paralysis is filing a petition in court. Civil lawsuits for conditions of immobility can be filed in state or federal court. If the paralyzed person was less responsible than the accused person, then compensation can be awarded. If settlement cannot be reached, then further litigation steps will be necessary.

At trial, it will be necessary to prove the amount of damages to which one is entitled to recover after becoming paralyzed. Proving such damages will involve testimony from medical experts regarding injuries, past medical care, and required future care. It may also be necessary to obtain testimony from vocational and economic experts on issues related to lost wages, lost future earning potential, as well as the economic impact that the situation may have on the paralyzed victim’s loved ones.

At the conclusion of trial, a paralysis injury case will be given to the jury for a decision. It is crucial that you retain a lawyer who is not only familiar with this process, but also specializes in it. Our Austin-area attorneys are experienced in assisting those who have been paralyzed due to another party’s negligence.

Let Our Austin Paralysis Attorneys Help in Your Case

When you or a loved one suffers a paralyzing injury due to someone else’s carelessness, your entire world is turned upside down. With new medical care regiments, rehabilitative therapy, and adjustment to a new life, you may not have time to think about a lawsuit. Hiring a legal professional could protect your right to sue for damages while you focus on healing.

Once retained, an Austin paralysis lawyer will help keep your case on track and moving forward. Call our firm today for professional legal assistance.