The Danger of Texas House Bill 19 and Senate Bill 207

passenger car traveling next to semi truck on highway

Texas has ranked first in the country for most large truck crashes every year since 2016. In 2019, Texas had more tractor-trailer accidents than Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Arizona, Mississippi, and Nebraska combined, with 685 fatalities. In 2018, 305 truck drivers involved in fatal accidents tested positive for at least one drug.

Trucking crashes are a huge danger to families and drivers in Texas. Unfortunately, the House and Senate are proposing bills that would make seeking compensation for drivers involved in collisions with 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles more difficult. Rather than protecting citizens and families who deserve compensation after an accident, the bills would protect trucking companies instead.

About Texas Bill 19 and Senate Bill 207

If passed, Texas House Bill 19 and Senate Bill 207 would exonerate logistics companies from any independent compliance with federal or state safety laws, shielding companies from liability in accidents. Large trucking companies would essentially be given a free pass when an employed trucker is involved in an accident. The bills also limit a plaintiff driver’s access to discovery to 24 months of a company’s improper conduct, which could include falsified driver logs, inadequate training, and poor vehicle maintenance, among other safety violations. The limit of 24 months makes it impossible to see a company’s full history of violations, making it increasingly difficult to hold trucking companies accountable for injuries they cause to people and families in Texas.

Put simply, Texas Bill 19 and Senate Bill 207 are being introduced to save insurance companies money at the expense of injured Texans.

The Dangers of Trucking in Texas

The state has thousands of miles of highways and thousands of tractor-trailer trucks traveling them daily. When commercial trucking companies cut corners during training, it often leads to overworked, tired, and distracted drivers putting Texans at risk each day.

Due to their sheer weight and size, 18-wheelers usually cause immense damage in the instance of an accident. Victims who survive may face serious injuries, including spinal cord fractures, paralysis, and traumatic brain injuries, which can lead to extreme financial burden in regard to their sometimes lifelong medical costs.

Protecting commercial vehicle companies effectively reduces their liability, forcing victims, their insurers, and taxpayers to take on the burden of medical costs inflicted by commercial truck drivers.

Fighting for Victims of Trucking Accidents

At DJC Law, we know how detrimental Texas House Bill 19 and Senate Bill 207 could be for drivers in Texas. Recovering damages in a trucking accident can be complicated even without the burden of new congressional bills that favor trucking companies.

If you were involved in a tractor-trailer crash, retaining an experienced attorney can help take the legal burden off of you, so you can focus on healing. Reach out to DJC Law today to speak with a dedicated attorney about your case.

To sign a petition against House Bill 19 and Senate Bill 207, you can visit the Keep Texas Safe website or Texas Watch.