When someone begins taking a medication, they expect it to help with an ailment, condition, or some other health issue. They should not have to worry about a drug causing pain, damage, or suffering. If you were taking a prescribed medicine and it caused dangerous side effects, the manufacturer of the drug may be responsible for the harm they caused. A well-constructed lawsuit could help you seek financial compensation from the careless party.

Navigating the claims process alone can be problematic, so you should seek the assistance of a Georgetown dangerous drugs lawyer to minimize complications. An experienced personal injury attorney could analyze your case and help prepare a compelling claim.

Potential Side Effects of Dangerous Drugs

When a defective drug enters the consumer market, unexpected side effects can be severe. A dangerous medicine could induce:

  • Dizziness and vision loss
  • Skin conditions
  • Depression and suicide
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain and nerve damage
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Death

When any of these unforeseen injuries occur, a wounded person should act to hold the negligent manufacturer responsible. A well-practiced Georgetown attorney could help a plaintiff prove that a drug is dangerous.

Product Liability Claims & Dangerous Drugs

After an individual establishes that a drug is unsafe to consumers, they could begin filing a product liability claim. Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code Chapter 82 outlines a defective product lawsuit’s requirement and elaborates on the ways that a drug company might be held liable. A manufacturer will assume responsibility if they:

  • Failed to warn the general public of known side effects
  • Used falsified information or data to get the drug approved
  • Encouraged off-label use for a drug when not appropriate
  • Improperly designed a medication
  • Manufactured a drug in unsafe or unsanitary conditions

Since a successful dangerous drugs claim depends on effectively demonstrating the negligence of a pharmaceutical company, a resourceful Georgetown lawyer could investigate the integrity of a corporation to bolster a plaintiff’s legal standing.

Is a Doctor Responsible if they Prescribed a Dangerous Medicine?

In most situations, a physician will not face punishment if they prescribed the medicine that injured a plaintiff. Doctors are usually not held responsible because they likely did not know the risk posed by the medication. Therefore, a judge should not associate them with a company’s wrongdoing.

However, the situation can change if a healthcare provider knew the risk that the medicine presented. If a doctor chose to prescribe a drug without warning the patient about potential side effects, the injured person should file a medical malpractice lawsuit. A seasoned legal advocate in Georgetown could help a claimant determine whether a medical malpractice claim is an option after suffering side effects from an unsafe drug.

Enlist the Help of a Georgetown Dangerous Drugs Attorney

It is important to understand your rights if a dangerous drug unexpectedly harmed you. Pain, stress, and other setbacks might make it hard to act against the negligent party, but a Georgetown dangerous drugs lawyer could be a valuable ally. Your suffering might entitle you to compensation, so your case deserves the careful attention of our legal team. Call our offices to learn more.